Draai offers video production and photography for business, television and the web. We tell your business story through visual media and easily turn difficult subjects into accessible visual stories. With over 20 years of experience, we will find an attractive and effective way to deliver your message to the world.

Draai is owned by Diana Mosterd, who is based in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Forres (Moray, Scotland).

Diana started her career as a news reporter for a local tv station. Her desire to tell people’s personal stories and what motivates them moved her into directing short documentaries.

She loves to explore people’s passions, emotions and activities through visual media and interviews.

Her love of video led to a career as a camera operator where she has worked extensively on documentaries for Dutch production companies and television stations.

Through her work as a director, she explores the human aspect of every story. Whether she is working on a small human-interest documentary or a large scale corporate video, personal stories play an important role in her productions.

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In dutch the word ‘Draai’ has different meanings. It’s a word that describes de rolling of a film in a camera. Something like ‘turning’ and ‘spinning’. The world keeps on turning. But it can also mean finding one’s ‘way’ (mijn draai vinden).